About us

Buy your next car for less with MVA. We want to help secure buyers the best possible deals in a trustworthy, reliable and simple way.

  • Our story

    In 2018, our founder Ian Drake, launched Rex Leasing, now known as Rex Motor Company. During this period, Rex Motor Company has grown to become the island’s premier car dealership, offering sales, leasing and servicing to the Isle of Man.

    Inspired by his own experience within the industry, Ian wanted to bring a budget <£15k less dealership to market that truly focuses on the customer and offers the same award winning customer service Rex Motor Company is known for.

  • MVA promises great value

    MVA is committed to offering great value to Isle of Man individuals and businesses.

    We have invested heavily in an industry leading website, with integrated live chat, e-commerce abilities and boast the largest collection of <£15k cars available on the Island.

    Combine these points with our commitment to offer fantastic customer service; MVA is worth a visit the next time you're looking for a new vehicle.

  • The MVA mission

    MVA was created with the same focus on exceptional customer service that drives Rex Motor Company.

    We exist to help people. How can we assist in one of the biggest purchases of your life? How can we get you good value when trading in your car? How can we make the car buying experience easier?

    MVA puts the control in your hands.

  • The service you deserve

    So whether you have a car to sell, or want to purchase a new car, MVA will make these experiences easier for Island of man residents than they have ever been before.

    Cars by their very nature are unreliable, and inevitably we will sell a vehicle that goes on to experience issues. We cannot stop that from happening, but we can ensure that we will always be here to support you.

    Buy your next car from people you can trust, buy your next car from MVA.

Why buy with MVA...

Customer Satisfaction is incredibly important to us

At MVA we are committed to customer satisfaction, and offering a satisfaction guarantee. We will do our utmost to ensure that every customer leaves happy with their purchase and experience.

Wide Range of Vehicles

We have the largest collection of <£15,000 or less vehicles the Isle of Man has to offer, making it easy for MVA to cater to a diverse customer base with varying needs and preferences.

Expert Advice

Our team are personable, approachable and experts in the motor trade. Our teams goal is to help you, the customer, make informed purchasing decisions. Our staff are knowledgeable and helpful, with a full focus on finding the right vehicle for each customer's unique needs.

Transparent Pricing

At MVA we are big advocates of transparency, and provide ourselves on offering a service with no hidden fees or surprises. We will ensure each customer understands the total cost of their purchase and what they're getting for their money.

Comprehensive Support

After the handover, that is when the relationship starts; MVA will be on hand providing support throughout the months and years after your purchase. At MVA we want to make a commitment to being a one-stop-shop for all of our customers automotive needs. That means if your vehicle experiences issues, is involved in a crash or requires a service; MVA can help.